25 years' experience in the hot runner control sector

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We call it SMART

Some call it "Industry 4.0“, others "Smart Factory" or "Cyber-Physical-Systems"

We call it SMART - the intelligent networking of hot runner controls with peripheral systems via Profibus, Profinet or OPC UA. Standardised and secure communication from the field device to the Cloud is no longer a vision but, with OPC UA, an achievable reality. The machine-readable semantic description of machine data makes new application cases possible which we will happily implement for you as a customer-specific solution.

We have only one earth – we need to start taking care of it

Faster warm-up but not by too much. This means faster start-up and more economical use of the system. You also save on plastic, reduce wear and tear and increase productivity. Save valuable resources across the board: Energy, plastics, spare parts, time

The innovative compound heating also saves on unnecessary heating energy with intelligent heating and constant output ratio adjustment that simultaneously reduces production costs.

Hot runner controls for every size.

The right system for the right use case. ELOTECH offers the compact hot runner controls in three expansion phases: RT1000, RT4000 and RT7000. All three systems have the same PID-control algorithms. As standard we offer you the RT7000 control with up to 48 zones (from 2021). In addition, two of the 48 zone units are cascadable, so that they can be used, for example, as higher-level controls for compound heating. Need more zones? Here again we offer corresponding custom solutions. As multi-zone controller specialists in the industrial environment we can also implement custom solutions for you. Our largest PID controller application includes several hundred control zones.


(some of the functions described relate to the RT7000 family)

The algorithm is the decisive measure in all things

25 years of experience and 250,000 applications in the industrial environment ensure that this algorithm achieves outstanding control results. Constantly striving for continuous improvement means that we now achieve very fast control with minimum overshoot.

The secret: The individual parameters automatically adapt in millisecond cycles to the situation and ensure corresponding control results. The interplay of the individual parameters is also an essential feature in order to optimally control even very high-speed controlled systems, as is the case with very small nozzles or heating rods, for example. Example: From 20°C to 250°C in under 3 seconds with an overshoot of just a few Kelvin. The controlled status is reached in 10 seconds. 

The new style of operation

The integrated Web-Server or the VNC-Viewer APP are respectively available for the RT4000 and RT7000 family for "remote control" functions. Implementation is ridiculously easy. With a nano WLAN router, you can operate systems remotely, integrate them into other systems and carry out control and maintenance without complex wiring. You therefore stay updated about what is happening at all times and can intervene as and when necessary.

Use the ELOTECH hot runner control from your mobile phone, PDA or PC. Start the free APP on your central PC and see everything at a glance via an additional window.