25 years' experience in the hot runner control sector

RT4000                                                                                    RT7000                                                                                RT1000

For 25 years ELOTECH has been developing and producing electronic and software components for the hot runner control sector. Now ELOTECH is using this potential to offer its own innovative controllers and sets new technological standards here.

Made in Germany stands for German engineering and production technology. The RT family offers optimum control characteristics and easy operation with optimum price-performance ratio. The expertise from more than 250,000 industrial temperature control applications have fed into the ELOTECH control algorithm. Continuous software development has enabled ELOTECH to develop this unique algorithm. 

The performance features:

  • Very rapid adjustment without major overshoot
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • New operating concepts with Webserver and APP
  • Outstanding price - performance ratio

The benefits to you:

  • Shorter machine warm-up time and longer production times – optimised system exploitation
  • With minimum overshoot – considerable reduction of damage to the nozzle and thus less failure times and higher productivity
  •  Fewer operating errors and less use for expensive training
  •  Easy integration, better remote maintenance and faster support

“Implementing requirements optimally and striving for continuous perfection”

The injection moulding sector constantly faces new requirements: Smaller plastic components, new temperature-sensitive materials and faster controlled systems due to smaller nozzles are the current technological requirement pinch pints for control technology. The controlled systems are becoming more complex and are posing constantly new challenges for the control.

The ELOTECH RT controls fulfil precisely these requirements. The innovative PID self-optimisation and constant recalculation of PID parameters in millisecond cycles mean control in a matter of seconds with negligible overshoot. Faster production start-up, less stress on the nozzles and therefore fewer leaks are the direct result. To control very fast nozzles from 20°C to 250°C the ELOTECH software needs just a few seconds at minimal overshoot of a few Kelvin.

Easy to use

Few, clearly defined input options for the user, logical menu structures designed to reflect human thought processes and clear accurate information display with corresponding feedback signals are the requirements for intuitive operation.

The smart user concepts of the RT family enable intuitive use of these controllers. You only need a few minutes to master the well-structured user levels. The user surfaces developed with industrial designers show exactly what you need. Clear and straightforward. Divided into different user levels for users, setters and administrators, each has their own clearly defined control functions.

The algorithm is the decisive measure in all things

25 years of experience and 250,000 applications in the industrial environment ensure that this algorithm achieves outstanding control results. Constantly striving for continuous improvement means that we now achieve very fast control with minimum overshoot.

The secret: The individual parameters automatically adapt in millisecond cycles to the situation and ensure corresponding control results. The interplay of the individual parameters is also an essential feature in order to optimally control even very high-speed controlled systems, as is the case with very small nozzles or heating rods, for example. Example: From 20°C to 250°C in under 3 seconds with an overshoot of just a few Kelvin. The controlled status is reached in 10 seconds.