Control technology for plastics processing

Plastic processing poses particular challenges for control technology. Whether for high-precision temperature management of an injection mould with multiple mould cavities or a filmed calendar which needs to be kept within a precise temperature window – at ELOTECH we have the experience to bring you the dependable solutions you need in a fiercely competitive world.

Case studies in plastics processing

Key features for plastics processing

Our ELOTECH controllers have lots of special functions, which efficiently support production process requirements in plastics processing:

  • Process-adapted control algorithms

    Our ELOTECH controllers are able to regulate power up or down constantly. This means that the temperature delta can be individually regulated beyond the time axis and adapt to the material properties so that unwanted chemical reactions, e.g., in the extrudate, are avoided.

  • Temperature ramps

    Defined increase/decrease curves can be saved in order to carry out slow heating changes

  • Up to 24 control zones

    In the case of smaller products or for example in micro-injection moulding, the tools often have multiple mould cavities, all of which need to be precisely temperature controlled simultaneously. This is particularly the case in hot-runner applications. Our controllers have 4 to 24 control zones, which can cover the requirements.

Special production processes

... and how we support you


  • 2-point / 3-point / 3-point step temperature controllers with linear curves
  • 1-zone and multi-zone design
  • Up to 16 control zones

Injection moulding

  • Multi-zone temperature controller for 4 - 24 heating zones
  • Modular linking possible

Film production / processing

  • Linearised measured-variable preparation
  • Multi-zone temperature controller with custom curves
  • Prepared for contactless temperature measurement, in order not to damage the film

Particularly appropriate products

Safety and monitoring devices

  • Limit controllers
  • Indicators
  • Temperature limiters

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