We develop and produce individual regulation and control solutions
for our customers in the industrial sector
25 years' experience – Made in Germany

Innovative regulators and controllers

ELOTECH develops and produces all controllers in-house - Made in Germany. Many ELOTECH controllers started their working life in injection moulding machinery, extruder solutions, joinery plants, industrial furnaces or in different industrial heating systems. These settings frequently rely on multi-zone controls. With over 5,000 product variants, ELOTECH is the world's leading provider in the multi-zone class. We can supply you with anything from simple 1-zone controllers to customer-specific control cabinet variants which encompass several hundred zones. Indicators, data logging, solid state relays and sensors round off our product portfolio for your controlled systems. 

Key performance features of our products:

  • Super-fast PID-control with minimum overshoot
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • New operating concepts with Webserver and APP
  • Highest quality guarantees long service lifetimes
  • Outstanding price - performance ratio

The benefits to you:

  • Shorter machine warm-up time and longer production times – optimised system exploitation
  • Minimum overshoot – reduction of possible material damage and therefore reduced failure times and higher productivity
  •  Fewer control errors and less use for costly and time-consuming training
  •  Easy integration, better remote maintenance and faster support
  • Do you have special requirements? We solve your problems using the latest innovative technology 

The performance features of our service: 

  • Special requirements? - We can fulfil them for you
  • Experienced in your specialist area - ELOTECH is at home in many industries
  • Top class service - you call, ELOTECH Support responds
  • Long term availability - we still service products we supplied 25 years ago
  • Fast, direct communication - you speak directly with the manufacturer and get everything first hand

    The core business of ELOTECH:

    Developing and producing solutions tailored precisely for the customer.

    In traditional control processes the challenge is, i.e., rapid heating, cooling or "just" keeping the process heat constant, while at the same time, there are individual parameters within the production process that change and influence those temperatures. Additional control functions include. e.g., compound heating or cascade circuits. In today's applications a controller usually needs to take on additional functions: Additional inputs and outputs for sensors, alarm signals, valves, pumps... are typical examples. Today's controllers are increasingly becoming multifunctional regulation and control platforms.

    The latest controllers incorporate Industry 4.0, in the form of special interfaces such as OPC UA or in browser and APP-based control systems. Cloud-based application options available for the new systems, naturally. 

    Technologically one step ahead: We are already working on the next generation of controllers in cooperation with institutes and research facilities. Get ready for a surprise. 

    What you get with us

    • 1-zone PID controllers

    • Multi-zone PID controllers with and without power outputs

    • Hot runner controls (1 - 96 zone solutions)

    • Indicators and monitoring devices

    • PID controllers with control functions

    • PID controllers with Web Browser or Viewer applications

    • and tailored solutions precisely for your needs

    • Sensors / thermocouples

    • Solid state relay

    Ready for the new future 

    MPC & Machine Learning

    Model predictive learning (MPC) controllers combined with machine learning and an edge cloud solution will form a new generation of ELOTECH controllers in the future. The result: better control results for even more complex future tasks. ELOTECH thus remains a technological leader at the forefront of control technology. Let us surprise you.