30 years of ELOTECH Industrieelektronik – A guarantee of quality in the temperature control sector


In 30 years ELOTECH has designed and produced around 250,000 controllers with over 350,000 zones - of which most systems are customer-specific solutions. Innovations in software and in hardware ensure our technology and quality leadership in this sector.

Along with various standard products, ELOTECH particularly offers custom solutions. We aim to implement the exact solutions required by our customers. This means integrating more and more plant control functions into the systems, ensuring we deliver a solution that is finely tuned to the customer’s specific needs. Merging these areas is particularly worthwhile for smaller systems with a lower control component. 

For this purpose, we have developed a special controller hardware concept. There is no need for a costly PLC system. Our customers identify themselves with these customised products and integrate them perfectly into their plant environment. Everything single-sourced is the motto here. In-house development and production ensure highly flexible products plus extremely long availability. Products, 20 years-old and more can be repaired or rebuilt, as required.


In the case of standard controllers ELOTECH differentiates between products with 1 to 24 zones. We offer custom variants with up to 288 zones. Clear, straightforward operation is our central focus. The cost-effective 7-segment displays represent the lower price segment while the more powerful control systems are available with 3.5 or 7-inch touch screens. The processor power also increases depending on application size. The range spans everything from small PIC controllers to high-performance embedded processor modules with Linux operating system. 

New: Control system with power outputs / hot runner controls 

Since 2020, Elotech has offered controller systems with power outputs. to which you can connect your heating solution directly. As well as the primary hot runner control function for injection moulding plant, this product is also ideally designed for the operation of e.g., several trace heaters in the industrial environment.

Whatever you need…

Our huge range of variants means we can assemble exactly the system you need from standard products: 2 or 3-point step controllers, continuous signals, program controllers, heater current monitoring, relay or hybrid interfaces and numerous serial interface cards right up to Profinet, Profibus or OPC UA-Bus variants. Thanks to our large product range, our customers get exactly the solutions they need.

Industry 4.0 integrated

Operation of controllers via the integrated display is unbelievably simple. If you want more - you can have more: You can monitor and operate your controller from anywhere using browser solutions or viewer applications. It does not matter where in the world you are. In the process, future OPC UA protocols and cloud solutions offer secure communication paths and unprecedented data comfort thanks to the unbelievable opportunities of the cloud.

The future with ELOTECH has a lot to offer, and there are new innovations in the pipeline for the next 25 years too. We integrate future technologies into our products so that you can continue to conquer the market with innovative plant and machinery.