A4000 innovative digital indicator, intuitive operation



Digital indicator and data logger

The A4000 family is ELOTECH's complete family of new indicators. Whether you want to display one value, two, four, six, eight or 16 different physical values with one device – the A4000 gives you maximum flexibility. You connect the sensors via 0…10V, 0…20mA or via temperature inputs (PT100, thermocouple) to the A4000.

Via the existing USB interface, you can save the display data in a csv file. If you want to track the measurement process graphically this is also possible – individually for each zone.

You can set limit values in min. and max. range. Output signals can be forwarded via the alarm outputs for instance in the event of breaches of limit values. You can also set the number of decimal points individually for each indicator sector.

Via an optional web browser function and prior connection via the standard available network interface on the company network, you can also use the indicator remotely. If you need further bus interfaces, there are optional RS-232, RS-485, Profibus, Profinet or OPC UA models available.

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