Efficient control of hot-melt gluing technology

Precision is a major challenge in hot-melt gluing technology.

Imprecise temperature control of the tank, pump, hose system or nozzle can have a massive impact on the processing quality in hot gluing. The results are uneven glue application and damage from system clogging.

If two-component adhesives are used, the requirements are even more complex. The boom being enjoyed by gluing technology, for instance in automotive engineering and the furniture industry, is leading to agile further development of the adhesives and as a result, to new requirements in the processing.

ELOTECH controls and hot glue systems provide reliable heating of the glue tanks and the nozzle, for precise dosing of the hot glue and complete monitoring of the process – all prerequisites for trouble-free and efficient automation.

Key features of the hot-melt gluing technology

Our ELOTECH controls have a host of special functions which effectively support the requirements of production processes in the hot-melt gluing technology sector

Key features

  • 2-point temperature control
  • Pump control
  • Starter circuit
  • Gravimetric or volumetric output quantity control
  • Boost function for free-burning of nozzles
  • Monitoring and logging of the system functions
  • Logging of process data
  • Interface / fieldbus connection
  • Optional designs acc. customer requirements (e.g., linear path control, power modules, pump motor control)

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