Exhibitions and events

Exhibitions 2021 / 2022


Exhibitions Date Link
Kuteno, Rheda-Wiedenbrück 07.09.2021 - 09.09.2021 www.kuteno.de 
Kunststoffen, the Netherlands           15.09.2021 - 16.09.2021 www.kunststoffenbeurs.nl
Fakuma, Friedrichshafen 12.10.2021 - 16.10.2021        www.fakuma-messe.de
MSR MEORGA, Landshut 27.10.2021 www.meorga.de
Messe K, Düsseldorf 19.10.2022 - 26.10.2022 www.k-online.de



The latest news from ELOTECH

Here you can find the latest information about products, exhibitions, campaigns or company news. 

January 2021: Start of series production of the first RT7000 hot runner controls

January 2021: Our purchasing team continues to grow

November 2020: New strength in sales and marketing

August 2020: R4020: Powerful multi-zone controller in DIN rail version  

June 2020: R4010: R4000 now up to 16 zones: Expansion solution for 12 and 16-zone controllers

March 2020: A4000: Multi-zone indicator including graph and data logger

January 2020: From January we expand our sales team with an experienced trade representative of PID controllers.

November 2019: New strength in sales, marketing and order processing

October 2019: Customer-specific temperature management control units for low-cost, midsize and premium segments

October 2019: RS1500 - low-cost 1-zone PID controller for temperature management controls

October 2019: RT7000 - New 4, 8 and 16-zone hot runner control 

September 2019: New strength from university - specialist trainee

September 2019: RS7100 - Multifunctional multi-zone regulation and control system 

July 2019: R4000 - New offspring and eco-parents

April 2019: Product innovation: RS41X0 - The individual temperature controller

March 2019: New strength in-house for purchasing and order processing

February 2019: 25 years of Elotech

January 2019: The fruit basket moves in - selected fresh organic fruit every week for our employees

August 2018: New managing director for sales, product management and marketing