Multi-zone temperature controller


Multi-zone PID controller, indicator and data logger
R4020 - as DIN rail solution
R4010 - expansion up to 16 zones





Multifunction controller
with control options


4-10 control zones
Modular multi-zone controller with expansion options

4 control zones, low-cost multi-zone controller

4-16 control zones
Designed for control cabinet installation

4-8 control zones

8-16 control zones

All products can be adjusted to customer preferences, from the logo to menu navigation and behaviour to comprehensive hardware changes


Automatic determination of control parameters


Absolute and relative alarm at overshoot or undershoot of setpoint, sensor break, heating current control

Special functions

Soft start, ramp function

Performance features

  • Refined operating concept with extended functions for easy navigation of the configuration process
  • Intuitive signals: In control operation the most important activities are shown in the process display
  • Easy to read: Setpoint and actual values are easily read off the large display, even at greater distances.
  • User flexibility: Extensive configuration options for different temperature sensors

Easy to integrate into any environment

Our ELOTECH 1-zone controllers have extensive interfaces and can be integrated without problem into all production environments:

Multi-zone controllers in comparison

  R2000 R2000N R2200 R2400 R2500 R4000
Number of control zones 4-10 4 4-16 4-8 8-16 1-16
2/3 point ✓/✓ ✓/✓ ✓/✓ ✓/✓
Ext. setpoint
2. setpoint
Ramp function
Starter circuit
Recorder function - - -
Heater current monitoring Option Option Option Option Option Option
Field bus interface Option Option Option Option Option Option
PC interface Option Option Option Option Option
Resistance sensor
Logic/relay ✓/Option ✓/Option ✓/Option ✓/Option ✓/Option ✓/✓
Auxiliary voltage            
24 VDC
230 VAC -
115 VAC -
Dimensions (mm) 96x96x122 96x96x60 96x96x125 96x96x122 192x96x122 96x96x122
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