Limit controller

Product description

The S1000 Allrounder – our easy-to-use limit controller for temperature control. The S1000 is a 2-point compact controller with adjustable hysteresis. The appliance is designated for assembly on DIN rails in the control cabinet. Additionally, the S1000 can be used as an independent monitoring device for increasing process safety.

Irrespective of a possible failure of the separate regulator or control, the process value is displayed and an alarm contact is triggered if any of the pre-set limit values is overshot or undershot.

FunctionRedundant monitoring of overtemperature or undertemperature
InputsPT 100, TC | Ni120 | 0...10V | 0/4...20mA
Auxiliary voltage230 VAC | 24 VDC
Format (WxHxD)22.5x75x112 mm
Rail mounted assembly on 35mm DIN rail

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