The entry control: RT1000 – small, robust, cost-optimised

ELOTECH's RT1000 offers economical 1-zone control in a robust passively cooled aluminium housing. Its extensive functional range makes the RT1000 a fully-featured PID controller. The two 7-segment displays show the actual and the setpoint temperatures. A SSR power controller switches the heating on/off. The fuse is accessible from the rear. You can either set PID parameters individually or the assign this task to the self-optimising function.

Range of functions:

  • ELOTECH PID control algorithm
  • 2-point, 3-point and 3-point step control
  • Two 7-segment displays
  • Self-optimising of PID parameters
  • Soft start
  • Additional symbols for 2 alarms, heating, cooling, setpoint ramp
  • Service interface via Windows software Elovision 3 (configuration interface)
  • Individual PID-parameter setting
  • Output ratio adoption: Auto, manual
  • 2 alarm values
  • Setpoint limit (top, bottom)
  • Manual output ratio setting
  • Ramp function
  • Program controller
  • Sensor error detection
  • Sensor: Thermocouple Type J*
  • Set up operation lock


*Further models available on request.