RS41X0 – The individual temperature control solution

The RS41X0 3-point PID controller is the ideal specialist for use in temperature management applications. Its scope of performances extends considerably beyond those of a traditional temperature controller. The 3.5-inch coloured touch-LCD display allows the clear illustration of all essential functions. Graphs are equally easy to produce, in order for instance to detect temperature trends better. Particular characteristics: The integrated program controller runs exactly to the temperature profile you have set. Users can program up to 8 different temperature profiles (programs) and assign them individually to program keys. A self-optimisation algorithm ensures even more precise control. You can also freely configure ramp curves.  

A particular highlight of this controller is the integrated webserver for remote access via LAN or WLAN with terminal devices such as smartphones, PDAs or PCs. This allows you to control or monitor the system very easily from other workstations after inputting the IP address. ELOTECH's Elovision software represents a further operating opportunity. The controller communicates with a PC via the LAN interface.  

The controller consists of two units. The controller assembly has a 3.5-inch colour touch display, which can be installed as a rear-mounted variant in operating panels. An optional, robust front laminate in customer-specific design protects the front against spray water and dust. If preferred, separate lettering and logos can be applied to the film. You thus obtain your individual solution. We are also planning a panel mounted version, which is attached to the back with clamps.

The second unit is the IO-DIN rail assembly. Depending on the RS41X0 expansion level, different interface options are available: RS-232/RS-485/TTY or Profibus/Profinet. USB (storage) and Ethernet connections are provided as standard. Highlighted are the low maintenance hybrid outputs on the IO-board for heating loads up to 9 kW. There are sensor inputs for temperature, flow, pressure and fill level. There is also a control option for, e.g., main and pressure boost pumps in development. The user can also connect different types of thermocouple. The system is supplied with 24 Volts. The RS41X0 also has a network failsafe process data memory.