1 zone temperature controllers

The basic functions in overview


Configurable function

2-point-controllers: (heating or cooling)

3-point-controllers: (heating-off-cooling)


Automatic determination of control parameters

 Adjustable control behaviour

PD / I (PID modified)
P, D, I parameters separately adjustable

 Programmable sensor input

PT 100, NI120, thermocouple



Absolute and relative alarm at overshoot or undershoot of setpoint


Selectable controller outputs

Relay or logic output

Performance features

  • Refined operating concept with extended functions for easy navigation of the configuration process
  • Intuitive signals: In control operation, LEDs signal the most important activities
  • Easy to read: Setpoint and actual values are easily read off the highly-illuminated four-digit display, even at greater distances.
  • User flexibility: Extensive configuration options for different temperature sensors

Easy to integrate into any environment

Our ELOTECH 1-zone controllers have a wide range of data interfaces and can be integrated without problem into all production environments:

1-zone controller in comparison

R10X0 R1140 R1300
2/3 point
3-point step
Ext. setpoint - Option Option
Fieldbus interface - Option Option
PC interface - -
Resistance sensor
Logic/relay ✓/✓ ✓/Option ✓/Option
Auxiliary voltage
24 VDC
230 VAC
115 VAC
Dimensions (mm) 96x96x60
96x48x122 96x96x122
Setpoint ramp -
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