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Here you will find information about product updates and software solutions. 

5.11.2020  New functions for the R4000 

R4000 4-zones: Visually improved basic image and further value breakdowns.

General R4000:

  • R4000 4-zones: Improved basic image and further breakdowns: with the option to display a zone name. Better differentiation between setpoint / actual value with different font sizes.
  • New: Option to assign a name for the zone and for the appliance. Alphanumerical, max. 20 characters long. Optional display of the zone name in the zone menu and in the basic image under 8 zones.
  • New: The device name is used for the file name when saving to USB stick when a controller name has been assigned.
  • New: Saving and re-import of the program controller configuration onto the USB stick.
  • User improvements: Reduction of the time for "click and hold" from 2s to 1s. Purpose: Easier to control.
  • New: Zone-by-zone limit value configuration for monitoring. The general limit value configuration parameters are copied to the new zone parameters during the update of existing appliances.
  • New: Inversion of the output of the limit value monitoring. In this way, for example, limit monitoring can be programmed within the range in which the setpoint is active.
  • New: Option to use "Copy parameters" to copy all parameters from one zone to another zone.
  • New: Additional Profibus modules with transmission of the actual value from the master to the controller. For 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 zones. Optionally with or without parameter channel.
  • Improvement: In the case of limit value monitoring on "All zones must have reached the limit value", individual zones which have already overreached the limit value are now shown with a coloured alarm bell. Previously, the bell icon was only active when all zones had reached the limit value.


16.10.2020     New Elovision 3 Software Update


  • Download of all parameters from the R4020
  • Use of zone-dependent alarm configurations in the case of the R4000 (from V2020_40)
  • Addition of parameters for the "Hour" display
  • Addition of parameters: Zone-by-zone alarm configuration
  • Copy dialogue adjusted: Now any zones can be selected. Previously, only one or all zones were possible.
  • Internal texts from alarm to limit value changed.
  • Automatic loading of controller parameters at the start of EloVision added. Can be changed via the menu options.
  • New warning text "Controller not connected" added.
  • When clicking on another zone in the same place with the same parameters, the active row is retained. This is not the case when you click from a control to a display zone.
  • Check of the IP-Address string added.


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