Multi-zone PID controller - digital indicator - graph - data logger

Innovation in the area of compound heating

The multi-zone R4000 variants are "Green". Not green as in the colour but as in innovative energy-saving control functions. It used to be that with several different loops in the heating system, all heaters individually attempted to reach their setpoints as fast as possible. In the process, while some heating systems are working at full load for long periods, slower systems are still heating up. With the innovative new compound heating function, all controlled systems automatically adapt to the slowest zone, so that all heating systems reach the setpoint at the same time and with corresponding energy savings.


Fully functional indicator

Another new feature for all R4000 controllers is the indicator function. It offers you the option to connect different sensors e.g., 0…10V or 0…20mA and to display the data in numerous physically adjustable units such as Bar, Nm, Joule or litre. By setting alarm limits, you can also trigger reactions or safety measures via the outputs. You can freely select how many zones and which ones you want to use as indicators or controllers. On request, the R4000 also saves all measured values in a USB memory (CSV file).

Product description

R40x0 – more than just a multi-zone controller

Hardly any other product on market is as multifunctional as the R40x0: controller, digital indicator , graphical display and data logging in one product. With the R4010 expansion module you can expand the number of zones to 16. If you want to use a DIN rail variant, the R4020 offers the same function range. Operation and control takes place via the bus interface.

Quick to integrate, efficient to use

Where other controllers are becoming ever more complex and complicated to use, we are going the other way, without any loss of performance features. Everything you need is here, clearly displayed on a 3.5-inch touch screen. Its intuitive operation method lets you find your way around with no need for induction. No more poring over instruction manuals. Additional "signposts" when you first set up the system guide you through the well-structured operating levels.

Webservers from 2021

With our innovative web server and a network or WLAN connection, you can also parametrise and operate the controller remotely. This makes using the system easier than ever.

Save time – save money

Efficiency is almost everything. Save time setting the individual parameters. The copy parameters function lets you assign individual zones precisely. You save time here compared to individual settings and reduce the error quota.

  • 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 zones 
  • R4010: Expansion to 12 or 16 zones 
  • R4020: DIN rail controller
  • 2-point /3-point controller    
  • Web browser-based operation*
FunctionsSelf-optimising Soft start Compound heating Program controller / ramp functions Manual operation / manual output ratio With monitoring tool for comprehensive process control Graph illustration Data logger Alarm functions
InputsPT100 | various thermocouples | NI120 | 0...10V | 0/4...20mA
OutputsDepending on variant: Relay and 0/24 VDC
Continuous 0/4…20mA ; 0…10V
Auxiliary voltage24 VDC
OptionsHeater current monitoring
Interface, serial RS 232 (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Interface, serial RS 485 (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Interface, serial TTY (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Interface, Profibus DP / Profinet
Custom versions to customer preferencesCompany logo on start screen Customer-specific front laminate Programmable special functions
Format (WxHxD)96x96x122 mm, control cabinet installation R4000 and DIN rail variant R4020


Illustration of the different controller variants

High interface variability

Depending on the version there are different interface options: RS-232/RS-485/TTY or Profibus/Profinet. USB (storage) and Ethernet are provided as standard. In the case of the outputs, you can choose between logic, relay or 0-10V or 0/4-20mA. Temperature measurement takes place via PT100/Ni120, various thermocouples or via linear input voltages or currents. Optional current transformers provide heating current recording/monitoring.

Robust, durable and long-term availability 

The R4000 comes in a robust metal housing. Because ELOTECH has developed the electronics itself and the circuit boards are produced in Germany quality plays a major role with regard to selection and longevity. Long term availability is guaranteed. Typically - Made in Germany.

Type key

R4000                                                                                R4010                                                                                R4020

Individual control solution needed?

Based on the R4000 it is possible to produce individually adapted control solutions cost-effectively. Tell us what you need to do - we will find the solution.

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