RT4000 – power pack with innovations in a small format

With this control system ELOTECH sets new standards in the multi-zone PID controller sector with power output or for hot runner controls. With the RT4000 you have a control system with many of the performance features of a larger control system but in a small format and at an attractive price. In this 1-8 zone segment, individual controllers are generally forced into a single housing. However, the RT4000 offers an integrated solution with numerous advantages:

  • Only one user surface – innovative and intuitively operable 3.5-inch touch-LCD surface
  • Everything at a glance from one display
  • Instead of setting each controller individually, with the RT4000 you can carry out all settings, if you want, in a single step.
  • Webserver application as remote control
  • Use of a compound heating is only possible in this kind of integrated system
  • Graphical display of control processes
  • Data backup: Storage of all parameters, control values including graphs in a CSV-file via USB stick.
  • Multiple bus interfaces: Standard: Ethernet and USB, optional: RS232/485 or Profibus or Profinet
  • Use also as combined indicator, for example to display other physical values such as current, pressure etc.
  • Optimum price-performance ratio

Product variants:

Choose as required between 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8-zone controller. While the 1 and 2-zone controller with SSR is equipped as a power controller are, the larger systems work with TRIACs. (Availability: 4-8 zones: 1st quarter 2021)

Quick to integrate, efficient to use

Where other controllers are becoming ever more complex and complicated to use, we are going the other way, without any loss of performance features. Everything you need is here, clearly displayed on a 3.5-inch touch screen. Its intuitive operation method lets you find your way around with no need for induction. No more poring over instruction manuals. Additional "signposts" when you first set up the system guide you through the well-structured operating levels.

If the controller is connected to a network you can also operate and monitor the controller easily via the integrated webserver.

Save time – save money

Efficiency is almost everything. Save time setting the individual parameters. The copy parameters function lets you assign individual zones precisely. Compared to the individual set-up of several 1-zone controllers you save a lot of time and reduce the error rate.

Robust, durable and long-term availability 

All control systems are passively cooled and are located in a robust aluminium housing with a heat sink. If you encounter an external short circuit or circuit fault, the externally-accessed fuses protect you against major damage. Because ELOTECH has developed the electronics itself and the circuit boards are produced in Germany quality plays a major role with regard to selection and longevity. Long term availability is guaranteed. Typically - Made in Germany.


Range of functions:

  • PID control operation in accordance with ELOTECH control algorithm
  • Web browser-based operation
  • Control mode / manual output ratio
  • Self-optimising of PID parameters
  • Soft start
  • Temperature reduction "Lower"
  • Boost function (temperature increase)
  • Ramp function
  • System temperature monitoring
  • Heater current monitoring
  • Sensor error detection
  • Graphical display
  • Monitoring function
  • Log book function - data backup via USB stick
  • Sensor: Thermocouple Type J*

*Further models available on request.


  • Bus interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, TTY, Profibus, Profinet)


  • 3.5-inch touch display
  • Graphical display of the temperature curve


  • Relay plug (OK signal)
  • On/Off switch
  • USB memory interface
  • Network interface
  • Option: Bus interfaces


  • Very compact and robust aluminium housing
  • Dimensions: approx. (HxWxD): H=110mm, W=160mm D= approx. 300mm
  • Controller with ELOTECH front laminate
  • Heat sink: lateral mounted