High-performance multi-zone indicator

A4000- Elotech indicator solution

Innovative indicator, intuitively operated

The A4000 family is ELOTECH's complete family of new indicators. Whether you want to display one, two, four, six or eight different physical values with one device – the A4000 gives you maximum flexibility. You can display and process additional measured values if you connect the R4010 IO-DIN rail adapter to the A4000. This allows expansion up to 16 zones. As well as selecting numerous physical values, you can also adjust the decimal places individually for each indicator range.

You can use all functions via the intuitive 3.5-inch touch-screen. A wizard function guides you through all the settings so that the A4000 is fully operational after just a few minutes.

Connectivity writ LARGE

As well as the many sensor inputs (0…10V, 0…20mA, PT100, thermocouples) you also have the option of operating indicators on networks using the standardised Ethernet interface. Further optional bus interfaces are RS-232, RS-485, Profibus and Profinet.    

Via the existing USB interface, you can save the display data in a csv file. If you want to track the measurement process graphically this is also possible – individually for each zone.

Numerous indicator innovations

The indicator can also act actively by defining min. and max. limit values. You can transfer output signals in the event that limit values are exceeded, for instance via the alarm outputs, in order to activate corresponding alarms in systems.

Via an optional web browser function and prior connection via the standard available network interface on the company network, you can also use the indicator remotely. You can also use ELOTECH's in-house Windows software ELOVISION for operation and parameterising.

The product is available from March 2020.


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