Customer-specific temperature control solutions

Elotech has been developing and producing customer-specific temperature management control units for different applications for 25 years. From low-cost controller solutions to complex multi-zone systems with numerous control features – always matched precisely to our customers' requirements.<i></i><sub></sub><sup></sup>

RS41x0 high performance regulation/control unit in the midsize segment

The 3.5-inch coloured touch-LCD display allows the clear illustration of all essential functions. Graphs are equally easy to produce, in order for instance to detect temperature trends better.

Particular characteristics: The integrated program controller runs exactly to the temperature profile you have set. A self-optimisation algorithm ensures even more precise control. You can also freely configure ramp curves.

The clearly arranged control elements also ensure a rapid familiarisation process.  

Functions / operation:

  • 1-zone controller with additional IOs
  • 3-point control
  • Controls for pumps, valves, float switches, motor protection, …
  • High quality 3.5-inch touch display
  • Web browser function, remote maintenance


Inputs and outputs

  • Low-wear hybrid outputs – up to 9 KW
  • Sensor inputs for temperature, flow, pressure and fill level
  • LAN and USB interfaces
  • Bus interfaces: TTY, Profibus and serial
  • 8/32 MB internal memory for process data
  • Process monitoring
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Battery-buffered timer
  • Power supply: 24 V DC0


Particular highlight: Web-browser for remote operation and control.


A particular highlight is the integrated webserver for remote access via LAN with terminal devices such as smartphones, PDAs or PCs. This allows you to control or monitor the system very easily from other workstations after inputting the IP address. ELOTECH's Elovision software represents a further operating opportunity.



RS1500 - Low-cost controller with temperature control expertise

This cost-optimised PID controller has been specially designed for temperature control systems. Equipped with all essential functions and interfaces the controller offers an optimal price/performance ratio. We also enable you to implement your own unique system with protective film design variations and software and hardware adaptation options with minimal design expense. 


  • Front or rear installation
  • Heating, cooling, alarm, pump (on/off/empty)
  • LED display, 2 rows
  • 3-point controller, PID controller
  • Optimisation algorithm
  • Setting the rate time, reset time (P,I,PI,PD,PID)
  • Separate settings for heating and cooling
  • Watch-dog
  • Break and short-circuit protection

 Inputs and outputs:

  • Sensor input: PT-100, 2-wire
  • Digital 24 V inputs for float switches, motor protection
  • Logic and relay outputs
  • Outputs for pump (contactor switching), solenoid valves, SSR
  • Digital outputs e.g., for alarm switching (relay), …
  • TTY, optionally further interfaces
  • Power supply: 24 V DC , Option: 230 V



RS7100 - The high-end platform for your premium product

Step up to the premium class with the RS7100

The RS7100 is a lot more than just a PID controller. This controller can also be used as a control platform and thus a replacement for smaller PLC-systems. With the 7-inch touch display, up to 8 control zones can be graphically displayed. At the request of customers however, we also match the user-interface to your needs - from the logo to the design of animated design elements.   

Thanks to the modular IO-DIN rail modules we can also adjust the interfaces individually to your needs. On request we can also connect several IO-boards for sensors, pump signals, solenoid valves or other automation components together in a cascade.


  • Multiple and many-zone controllers
  • Various control functions (pumps, valves, float switches, motor protection)


  • High quality 7-inch touch display
  • Viewer function, remote maintenance, Cloud

Inputs and outputs:

  • 40 inputs and outputs (logic, digital (24V), 0…10V, 4…20mA)
  • Sensor input: PT-100, various thermocouples
  • Outputs for pump (contactor switching), heating (SSR), cooling (solenoid valve), filling (solenoid valve), leak stop, system (solenoid valve), alarm (relay), additional as reserve (all dig. output 24 V), relay change-over, phase monitoring
  • Hybrid power outputs (9KW)
  • Bus interfaces: RS232/485, Profibus/Profinet, OPCUA
  • Power supply: 24 V DC

Processor platform:

  • i.Mx 6UL, embedded Linux