RS7100 - Multifunctional multi-zone regulation

RS7100 – the expandable multifunction controller with control functions – can be individually adjusted to customer requirements.




The RS7100 PID controller offers innovatively-optimised PID control technology including for data logging functionality, graphical display of curve progressions and a multi-functional display interface. You can use the R7100 therefore as a controller and an indicator system with numerous other physical values. There are several 0-10V or 0…20mA signal inputs available as connection options. Graphs also the various measured value and control displays are illustrated on the high quality, 7-inch touch screen. Of course, there are also alarm variables (min and max) for the indicator function as well as corresponding alarm outputs.



Data logger function

The data logger function saves all relevant process data in a CSV file on a USB-stick. The signal scanning rate is freely adjustable. The R7100 can also (Q1 2020) optionally communicate with Elovision, ELOTECH’s Windows-based software. The tool allows quick and easy configuration and uses all possibilities under Windows.


The associated IO-Board M7100 is based on a DIN rail and will be available in future in several expansion variants. As well as the 8-zone in/output board you can add further controller zones by cascading additional M7100. You can therefore expand the system to as many control zones as you want. Along with the traditional inputs for thermocouples or PT100/PT1000 sensors, on the output side next to logic and relay outputs there are also up-to 9 KW load outputs available.


Interface specialist - ready for Industry 4.0


Driven by a powerful embedded Linux processor, the multifunction controller communicates with the outside world via Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, RS232/RS485, TTY or also with OPC UA, depending on the equipment variant. If the controller is installed on a network, you can easily display and operate all operating functions, or perform remote maintenance, via a viewer.


ELOTECH supplies panel and rear-mounted assembly variants. The display controller unit communicates with the connected IO-boards via an internal bus. All input/output signals are directly connected to the IO board mounted in the control cabinet so you avoid a lot of installation work.



Compound heating

If using the RS7100 as a multi-zone controller you can also save money if, for example, you use the innovative energy-saving compound heating. It used to be that with several different loops in the heating system, all heaters individually attempted to reach their setpoints as fast as possible. In the process, while some heating systems are working at full load for long periods, slower systems are still heating up. With the innovative new compound heating function, all controlled systems automatically adapt to the slowest system, so that all heating systems reach the setpoint at the same time and with corresponding energy savings. This can also considerably reduce wear and tear on the controlled system since individual components spend less time under "full load" in idle mode. 


Of course, the ELOTECH RS7100 also offers heater current monitoring depending on the expansion stage. As well as the integrated program controller (individual temperature profile programs or ramp curves) this product also incorporates the proven self-optimisation algorithm for even more precise control results. On request, current transformers record/monitor heating current.



The platform for your solution

ELOTECH Industrieelektronik is also known for custom solutions – i.e., supplying products which are adapted precisely to customer requirements. This has been a feature of Elotech for over 25 years. Thus, if desired, the PID controller can also be transformed into a full-fledged control computer with full control functionality and an individual user interface. As a multifunctional system the RS7100 has all the most important characteristics for the modern Industry 4.0 world.



The RS7100 is available from January 2020 and is offered with several IO boards with different performance levels.