Multi-zone temperature controller for 4 - 16 zones

Networkable and remote control-capable with service interface

Product description

The ultimate device for control cabinet installation with 4-16 control zones. Data interfaces RS 232, RS 485 inclusive, optionally available also with CAN, Profibus and service interface.

Type key

Design4 | 6 | 8 zone 2-point controller
8 zone 3-point controller
16 zone 2-point controller
Integrated service interface for straightforward configuration and graphical display
InputsPT 100 | TC
OutputsRelay | 0/18 VDC
Auxiliary voltage230 VAC | 115 VAC | 24 VAC | 24 VDC
OptionsHeating circuit monitoring
Interface, serial RS 232 (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Interface, serial RS 485 (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Interface, serial TTY (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Interface CAN Open
Interface Profibus DP
Custom versions to customer preferences
Format (WxHxD)125x105x125 mm, for assembly on standard rails 35mm

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