Uncompromising controllers: RT7000

The RT7000 is the top expansion level of the RT family. From 8 zones to 128 zones, this system can map as wide a range as a multi-zone controller. Two 32-zone controllers can then be expanded to 64-zones via cascading. Larger systems are implemented as customer-specific variants. Operation is via a 7-inch touch display or via our innovative App-based remote control unit.

Particular performance features:

  •  Particularly fast control with minimal overshoot and thus protection of particularly sensitive heaters, such as in the nozzles.
  • Intuitive operation and rapid integration
  • Remote control via APP and ELOVISON

Clearly illustrated control surfaces ensure intuitive operation. The user can choose between different display variants: Standard zone illustration, process illustration or graph/PID illustration.

In an emergency: Alarm

The heating process is automatically interrupted at temperature over/undershoot, power surge or sensor failure (sensor break). Rapid, unplanned temperature or energy increase, e.g., at a nozzle, can be an indicator of a leak. The system is switched off. To ensure that no data is lost, it is possible to set a back-up via USB storage.

Product variants:

  •  8, 12, 16, 24, 32 zones
  • From 1st half-year 2021: 40, and 48 zones and cascadable to 96 zones.
  • Larger variants are available as custom solution
  • Fuses can be accessed from the inside. In another upcoming product variant (1st half-year 2021) the fuses will also be available externally.
  • Passive cooling


Range of functions:

  • PID-control operation with ELOTECH regulation algorithm
  • VNC viewer function – the perfect remote-control unit
  • Output ratio generation – from control operation (standard), manual operation, output ratio adoption from zone
  • Self-optimising of PID parameters
  • Soft start
  • Temperature reduction "Lower"
  • Boost function (temperature increase)
  • Ramp function – define rising and falling ramp curves
  • Current and performance value display per phase
  • System heat sink monitoring
  • Heater current monitoring
  • Sensor error detection
  • Graphical display including PID graph
  • Grouping of zones
  • Monitoring function
  • Automatic sensor/load detection from 2nd half-year 2021
  • Loading of parameter sets via USB interface
  • Tool menu – selection of pre-set recipes
  • Process graph and PID graph for a precise overview of the work process
  • User management – 3-levels of user management with respectively definable limitations
  • Log book function – time-sorted illustration of messages, warnings and alarms
  • Data storage via USB stick (graph, parameters, logbook)
  • Thermocouple probe Type J, L, K, NEW: PT100 2-Leiter
  • Output continuous operation, per 8-zone controller unit: Maximum total current: 30 A / 6,5 KW at 230V (30°C ambient temperature)
  • At 40° ambient temperature: 4 KW per 8-zone unit
  • Output single zone: Max. 14A
  • Complete system: 400V three-phase current, max. 32/63A


  • 7-inch touch display
  • APP application for remote control unit or remote maintenance

Interfaces/protocols/technical data

  • Harting plug (sensors and heater), variable selection
  • Alarm signals / relay plug
  • On/Off switch
  • USB stick interface on the front panel
  • Ethernet interface
  • Option: Bus interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, TTY) with Modbus protocols
  • From 1st half-year 2021: Profibus, Profinet and OPC UA
  • Mains connection: 2.5m cable with CEE plug (selection of lengths)
  • CE symbol


  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Variants: 8 and 16 zones, dimensions: approx. (HxWxD): H=200mm W=430mm D=300mm
  • 24-32 zones: Dimensions: approx. (HxWxD): H=400 W=430mm D=300mm
  • Elotech front laminate (customer-specific front laminate possible)
  • Heat sink: side mounted, approx. 3 cm thick, l or 2 sides depending on mode.

Options / customer variants

  • Front laminate with customer logo
  • Customer logo appears at warm up
  • Customer-specific plug configuration (sensor/load separately or together)
  • Housing variant (coloured design strips: Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Dark grey)
  • Customer-specific housing (individual customer design)
  • Customer-specific design of user surfaces
  • Different lengths of mains connection cable