Premium multiple zone controller

Product description

The RS7100 represents a new class of PID controllers. The algorithm sets new standards, as do the range of functions, the operating concept and the feel of the controller. 

With the cascadable R4010 IO module, you can expand the PID controller from 8 zones to 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 or 32 zones. 

The adaptive algorithm enables a new quality of control. Fast control with minimal overshoot characterises the algorithm.

On the 7-inch touch display with high reading quality, you can view graphical curves as well as a detailed overview of all 32 displayed zones.

Driven by a powerful embedded Linux processor, the multifunction controller communicates with the outside world via Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, RS232/RS485, TTY or OPC UA (from Q3 2021), depending on the equipment variant. If the controller is installed in a network, you can conveniently operate all functions as a mirrored user interface via the Viewer software. Alternatively, ELOTECH offers the possibility of a graphic-based system display with the free ELOVISION Windows software. 

The energy-optimised heating represents a new innovative type of compound heating. Until now, when there were several heating sections with different heating capacities, all heaters tried to reach their setpoint as quickly as possible. In the process, some heating systems have been working under full load for a long time, while slower heating sections are still heating up. With the innovative new compound heating function, all control sections automatically adapt to the slowest section, so that all heating systems reach the setpoint at the same time and in a correspondingly more energy-saving way. In addition, it can also be significantly less wear and tear on the controlled system if individual components spend less time idling under "full load". 

As a mounting option, ELOTECH offers a panel and rear-mounted version. The display controller unit communicates with the connected IO boards via an internal bus. As all input/output signals are directly connected to the IO board mounted in the control cabinet, you avoid greater mounting effort.   


Mit jedem Regelungszyklus Geld sparen

Mit einem Klick Werte auf andere Zonen kopieren

Gruppierungen von Zonen schnell erkennen

Rezepte erstellen - easy to use

Schneller Blick in die Vergangenheit

Richtig austariert = entspanntes Stromnetz

Effizient die Zeit planen

Vertauschen ausgeschlossen

Maschinenführung leicht gemacht

Design 8-zone controller, optional: up to 32 zones (Q1/2021)
2-point /3-point controller
  With monitoring tool for comprehensive process control
Self-optimising Yes
Inputs PT100 | TC | NI120 | 0...10V | 0/4...20mA
Outputs Relay and 0/24 VDC
Continuous 0/4…20mA ; 0…10V                            Hybrid outputs up to 9KW
Auxiliary voltage 24 VDC
Options Heater current monitoring
Interface, serial RS 232 (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Interface, serial RS 485 (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Interface, serial TTY (Modbus RTU, Elotech Std protocol)
Profibus DP interface                              Optional: OPC UA
Custom versions to customer preferences  
Format (WxHxD)  

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